Crushing the Bachelor (kind of) Life

The rain pours off the top of the sandstone cliffs creating a waterfall which nearly blocks our view of the cove.  Thunder rumbles.  He looks around and back up at me and says with a slight accent, “I’m sure it is going to pass.”  I know that it is going to take at least another hour so I mention that we should hike a little … Continue reading Crushing the Bachelor (kind of) Life

July 2018

I’m BACK baby! July 28th: Bath night and planning for upcoming rope climbing sessions. July 27th: Activity: Walk Objective: Check out all the new summer plants Totals: 45 minutes Water: NA Bugs. Bugs. Plants & Bugs. July 26th: Recovery and chiropractor. July 25th: Went to new massage therapist. This one might work out. July 24th: Activity: Climbing Objective: Try out new problems Totals: 2 hours … Continue reading July 2018

June 2018

June 30th: Activity: Walk Objective: Take a walk without the walking stick Totals: 45 minutes Water: NA If I go to a public garden then I can stand around and look at plants without looking as though I’m injured.  NO ONE shall know of my weakness! Victory! June 29th: Activity: Chiropractor Objective: Convey your gratitude for having a good chiropractor without creeping them out Totals: … Continue reading June 2018

Setting 101: Deadpoint

Deadpoint:  A controlled dynamic motion in which the hold is grabbed with one hand at the apex of upward motion of the body, while one or both feet and the other hand maintain contact with the rock.          – From Wikipedia, Glossary of Climbing Terms  I love a good deadpoint.  It is not only one of the easiest moves to set but also, one … Continue reading Setting 101: Deadpoint

Round 2: Training for Rock Climbing

I struggled with the clip of the auto belay for ten minutes.  This was after I had to take my harness off twice because I had managed to a) put it on upside down and b) twisted the leg loops so they were not only upside down but also backwards. My harness, the one I had gotten for Christmas in 2006, was on the list … Continue reading Round 2: Training for Rock Climbing

So you wanna play a Couch Co-Op?

I’ve been fortunate that my partner enjoys playing video games with me.  I’m a rough beginner.  When I first began I could not grasp the notion of moving the camera in sync with movement. In that, where your camera points, you go.  To this day I still struggle with managing this but with enough practice, I will soon be able to not only run but … Continue reading So you wanna play a Couch Co-Op?