E=mc Where?

I find myself craving the guidance that was so easily garnered from the invisible hand of karma.  I continually ask myself the question, “How do I navigate in a world without karma?”  Well, much the same way as I always have…except a little bit less forgiving.  I suppose what most people fear is – a general lack of guidance.  The idea that a person or a situation may become unpredictable is often too much for many to bear BUT rarely do they think about what they lose when throw themselves at the feet of people who supposedly “know better”.

An excellent example of this is a classic role model to thousands across the world: Albert Einstein.  In the United States we call him a “genius”… the godfather of modern physics and creator of such emblematic quotes as well… I don’t know, but here is a website: http://rescomp.stanford.edu/~cheshire/EinsteinQuotes.html

And trust me there are at least fifteen others.

Albert Einstein has taken on a Gandhi like persona and because of a few well worded tidbits of advice we should not only listen to what good ol’ Al has to say but also emulate his life!  When you really think about it, is Albert Einstein a reasonable person to follow?

Sure he was intelligent but I don’t know a single person that has been remembered or revered throughout history that was not intelligent.  Intelligence cannot be the sole reasoning behind turning a normal human being into the apex of human enlightenment.  There simply must be more.  So, we look at Albert Einstein’s personal life…

What we find is a man, born in the spring of 1879… who later married Mileva Marić, produced children, worked in a patent office, fled the Nazi’s by moving to the United States, made a bomb that saved the ‘free world’…college posters/bumper stickers,  worship by thousands.. perhaps millions… The End.  

But wait?  Is there not more?  In fact there is and upon further inspection we find that Albert Einstein could very well have been a fraud.  It has been widely disputed that Mileva was in fact the founder of the theory of relativity.  So while Al was out attempting to find a teaching job, Mileva was continuing her studies on theoretical physics and making remarkable progress.  Oh I can only imagine what those dinner conversations must have been like, “Well Al I think q is much better variable for the speed of light… by the way did you put your job application into the patent office?”

I’m afraid it gets worse… Albert Einstein was also very promiscuous.  The evidence was so compelling that a court actually granted Mileva a divorce in 1919!  This was not an easy feat for that day and age.  In fact, divorces where so difficult to come by that many women opted/ were forced into mental institutions instead of being granted the privilege of becoming an outcast in society… unless there was strong evidence of adultery.  Yep.  Albert Einstein was nothing more than an unfaithful sack of crazy haired gray matter and an actual court of law recognized this and therefore released poor Mileva from their eternal contract.

But there is more compelling evidence than that because men have been screwing around and stealing ideas for way longer than Albert Einstein.  Unfortunately.  Oh my beloved reader, how often we forget that this man is also an indiscriminate murderer of millions.

Albert Einstein was one of the inventors of the atomic bomb… an unprecedented act of shear insanity and violence.  I often think of the use of atomic weapons to be no different from brutality seen in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany/Poland.  Mass rape. Fire bombing. Gas trucks… whatever.

Nothing in my mind will ever make the use of atomic weapons a reasonable tactic of war and nothing in my mind will allow myself to forgive any of the creators of atomic weaponry.  It should be the same for you as well my dear readers because we engage in war to defeat a threat, the people with guns, not the millions of children, women, and elderly along for the ride.  (Japan never would have survived a land invasion of the United States anyway… not with the South on our side.)

But what do I know?  I am without the guidance of some archetypal mega ego or a quaint little dogma.  My poor little brain cannot handle determining right from wrong or when I should stand my ground…

Or can I?

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