Hallowe’en – Churches Made of Bones

It has been awhile – my faithful readers. I apologize for my long absence. To make up for it- please see the following post and keep in mind the phrase “I have a bone to pick with you.”

Fascinating! While reading one of my favorite news sources, the BBC, and I stumbled on this article: The Church of 40,000 Corpses

The article describes the history of Sedlec Ossuary, a church and open air cemetery in Prague.  While the site initially gained popularity because of some good old Crucifixion soil brought from Jerusalem in 1218. The site quickly had more bones than it knew what to do with due to two wars and the Black Death.  It was not until the freaky 70s, the 1870s, that is, when a woodworker by trade, František RINT, was asked to take all the bones on site and make something worthy of display.

I have a bone to pick with you.

Long story short, people have done stranger things but not nearly as interesting.

Not only that, but the concept has been repeated all over the world.  From Peru to Milan, monumentally stacking bones has gained the attention of people for centuries.

See the links below for several other lovely bony catacombs and churches.

Also, check out a few pins my Big Sky board:

It includes this bad ass article, albeit it is a loathsome Buzzfeed article, 19 Bejeweled Skeletons That’ll Blow Your Mind – but don’t worry – this picture alone makes up for the exposure to click bait.

By Paul Koudounaris
By Paul Koudounaris

Happy Halloween

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