Let’s catch up this weekend…

Hello everyone!

It has been such a busy week that I have been unable to write my next post.  In the interim, check out this video from my all time favorite documentary series, Human Planet.  If you haven’t watched it yet, please do!

Watch Sam Niang, a Laotian fisherman fish in one of the most dangerous places I have ever seen.

Sorry Jeremy Wade, while you make me swoon in all the right ways, you did not teach me how to eat Laotian cuisine like Sam Niang’s family.

I sure wish I had reviewed this video before eating at Thip Khao – which is hands down one of the best restaurants in Columbia Heights.  Their Special Menu, featuring invasive species puts being a carnivore to good use.

Tune in this weekend for the who’s and what’s of boozy holiday cocktails.


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