The Beloved Taco

Prayer of the Taco

Holiest of most holy taco, you are the alpha and omega of the universe. Only through your taste can you bestow your holy blessing upon my wretched sole.

For you are the most delicious of all foods and no other food shall come before you.  Taco bless you forever in best food ever heaven.

Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos.

The best food, ever.

It may not be National Taco Day but I cannot contain my love of tacos any longer!

The taco was not always the delectable yummy yummy it is today.  Apparently, taco referred to gun power wrapped in paper and was used to blast silver ore deposits.  At least that is what a history professor at the University of Minnesota, Jeffrey M. Pilcher, says.

But who cares for history, when you could be eating tacos?  Am I right?

So move aside USA Today, while your 2013 list of the ‘best tacos’ might have been pertinent at one point in time but no longer.  The dawn of tacos has come- at least -to Asheville, NC.

Hello my beloved, my muse, my TacoBilly.


If you have a favorite taco place, let me know in the comments section!


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