The Resolution – A How To Do

Blue Ridge Parkway

We all have goals for the New Year and it is tradition that as we enter it we make a pact with ourselves to do or accomplish that which eluded us in the previous year. All too often though, we find that our Resolutions take a back seat to the day to day as the year begins to grind down our will to persevere.

The perfect New Year’s Resolution is one that is, eventually, resolved.

Not everyone will make a Resolution but for those of us that do- well- most of use will fail.  But, there are tips on how to keep your personal expectations.

More importantly, there is an opportunity to turn your New Year’s Day into a day of Resolution!  To accomplish this, throw a party!  Yup! A lovely, New Year’s Day luncheon.

Now I’m not an extremely superstitious person but eating collards, black eyed peas, and corn bread is a must if you intend on having a great year. The recipes below are a good start:

Southern-Style Collard Greens

Slow Cooker Spicy Black-Eyed Peas

Mexican Cornbread  (yes, that is right. Mexican Cornbread)

Bloody Mary’s (with the fixings)


Next, suggest that your lovely guests bring their Resolutions and their email addresses. Then, you can assign each of your guests a Resolution buddy.  It is likely that many of your guest will have similar resolutions and therefore, you can encourage them to work together. Additionally, you can also use a handy feature for Gmail, called Boomerang to schedule emails.  This extension is totally free and very easy to install and use.

This will allow you to compose a slew of follow up emails to be sent throughout the year to your participating guests!


Thanks so much for such a wonderful year my dear readers.  I want continue to give you my best so I will be switching to publishing bi-weekly.  Some topics you can look forward to:

  • Alligator Mating Habits
  • Hosting the perfect Movie Night
  • Jewelry made of Body Parts
  • Ethical Meat
  • Forging

Also, I may add a new page – all about one of my favorite sport- climbing!

May Peace, Adventure and Success find you in the New Year.

Much Love- Free Range Danger

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