The Move


Sorry I dropped the ball readers.  I mentioned that I would publish bi-weekly but I failed.  But before you completely write me off, understand that I did think of you over the past months.

I wanted so badly to write about alligator mating habits but I was too mentally and emotionally exhausted from moving across the United States to give you the writing you deserved.


I packed up my beloved tiny home in two Relocubes, had my Jeep picked up by Military Vehicle Relocators, put my poor little cat into mesh carry bag and we flew across the country. We now live in the Pacific Northwest with the most incredible man I’ve ever met. And we make a great team.

A view of Mount Rainier from Sunrise Beach, WA

However, cohabitation is not always bliss.  I won’t bother to elaborate.


I feel mostly recharged and have some cool things to share with you.  The Pacific Northwest is actually not as dreary as some sources would lead you to believe.  Plus, it is insanely photogenic – just check out my Instagram feed on my main page under ‘Latest Things I’ve Seen’.


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