The Mythical Creatures of the Pacific Northwest

As you know, I’ve moved to the Pacific Northwest and let me tell you, this place is pretty magical.  The forests are a glimpse of a more bearable Dagoba, the waters are rich with life (and probably sharks), and the unknown things that lurk behind, in, up, or around every gigantic tree or moss infused log are completely  up to the imagination.

It is wonderful.  But, many would assume that this is only the land of ‘Big Foot’ however, I cannot stress enough how limiting this perception is in light of the actual environment.  With such a diverse array of terrine and plant and animal species, the Pacific Northwest lends itself to so much more than the perfect habitat for Sasquatch.



While Washington is hands down the leader in Sasquatch sightings, the Pacific Northwest cannot claim to be the sole habitat for this mythical creature.  In fact, there have been Big Foot sightings all over the United States and with four species, they are apparently adapt to many different forested environs.

The Tree Octopus


The Great Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus is an endemic species to the Pacific Northwest.  Apparently, this elusive and shy predator does not have any verifiable sightings.  However, observers have noted that once spotted, the tree octopus will not return to that area – ever again.  The Octopus paxarbolis is believed to be an endangered species due to predation (by Sasquatches and Bald Eagles), habitat loss, and roads.  If you would like to know more, or get involved in becoming a Friend of the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, check out this site.


While being of a different world, Aliens have made stopping by the Pacific Northwest a major ‘to do’ on their voyages to and from this planet.  2016-04-20_1240

While Aliens lack the endemic species status of the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, they are such frequent visitors that organizations like the Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence hosts  SkyWatch weekends somewhere in South/Central Washington.  They even have a ‘SkyWatch’ field for the event.

Phoenix Jones, et al

Phoenix Jones and other members of the Rain City Superhero Movement are a locally operated group of citizens who are all about crime prevention. There are similar groups located around the country but there is just something about Phoenix.  He has pzazz and also business cards that have his lawyer’s number printed on them.  If that does not make a girl swoon then you might be able to catch him in action in down town Seattle and make up your mind from there.  His last newsworthy event was on March 23rd 2016 where he offered to assist the Seattle Police Department with the Man in Tree incident.  His offer was refused but we can all agree that he had the best approach to resolve the issue.

The Aroma of Tacoma


The Aroma of Tacoma is an elusive creature but its presence is always verifiable and well documented. It seems it has a favorite hangout around I-5 close to the Port of Tacoma but has ran a successful siege in other areas of Tacoma as well.

The Aroma was weakened by a few bureaucratic entities but in years past it reined in property values on a Grendel-esque  scale.

While it may be only a matter of time before The Aroma is no longer under the thumb of the law, I know that asking Phoenix Jones to play our very own Beowulf may not be out of the question.








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