July 2018

I’m BACK baby!

July 28th:

Bath night and planning for upcoming rope climbing sessions.

July 27th:

  • Activity: Walk
  • Objective: Check out all the new summer plants
  • Totals: 45 minutes
  • Water: NA

Bugs. Bugs. Plants & Bugs.

July 26th:

Recovery and chiropractor.

July 25th:

Went to new massage therapist. This one might work out.

July 24th:

  • Activity: Climbing
  • Objective: Try out new problems
  • Totals: 2 hours
  • Water: 2 liters

No sense in denying it; I love onsighting and flashing.  Why climb any other way?

July 23rd:

  • Activity: Hiking
  • Objective: Get outside
  • Totals: 2 hours 27 minutes; 393 m; 10.14 km
  • Water: 3 liters plain

My headphones died during the good part of my book.  Great hike regardless.

July 22nd:

  • Activity: Rope Climbing
  • Objective: Clip the anchors on every attempted route
  • Totals: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Water: 2 liters


July 21st:

  • Activity: Climbing
  • Objective: Have fun with my frand 🙂
  • Totals: 2 hours
  • Water: 2 liters plain

I did my first backwards dyno today!  Cannot believe I’ve lives so long without that experience.

July 20th:

  • Activity: Hiking, slow
  • Objective: Get outside
  • Totals: 1 hour; 80m; 5.72 km
  • Water: NA

Feel like a snail?

July 19th:

  • Activity: Rope Climbing
  • Objective: Make sure that current session goals are challenging enough
  • Totals: 2 hours
  • Water: 2 liters

Ugh. My clipping is abysmal and being on a rope is uncomfortable.

July 18th:

Rest. Deal with inflammation

July 17th:

  • Activity: Hiking, slow
  • Objective: Recovery
  • Totals: 1 hour 27 minutes; 226 m; a little over 6 km
  • Water: 2.5 liters plain

The trails have changed a lot over the weeks I couldn’t hike them.  So great to get outside, even if it was just a little stoll.

July 16th:

  • Activity: Rope Climbing
  • Objective: Do the workout I planned for my partner and I
  • Totals: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Water: 1 liter

Yeah.  This isn’t bouldering.  I need to cut way back and focus on the basics.  #humblepie #withicecreamformybruisedegoplz

July 10th – 15th:

  • Activity: Increase mobility, manage inflammation, chiropractor
  • Objective: Get ready to start rope climbing training
  • Totals: Whatever it takes for however long it takes
  • Water: Yes

I’m ready.

July 5th – 9th:

  • Activity: BB
  • Objective: BB
  • Totals: ??
  • Water: Yes

❤ BB ❤

July 4th:

  • Activity: Walk
  • Objective: ??
  • Totals: 1 hour
  • Water: NA

Started new audiobook – The Three Body Problem

July 3rd:

  • Activity: Chiropractor
  • Objective: Take my money
  • Totals: 1 hour
  • Water: NA

I can move a little better!

July 1st:

  • Activity: Walk
  • Objective: Just try to look like a normal person walking rather than a robot
  • Totals: 45 minutes
  • Water: NA



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