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May 2018

May 19th

  • Activity: Climbing
  • Objective: Don’t sweat
  • Totals:  2 hours
  • Water: 2 liters

Climb. Rest. Climb. Rest. Climb. Rest. Climb. Rest

May 18th

  • Activity: Barefoot walk
  • Objective: Collecting wild edibles
  • Totals:  5.48 km
  • Water: NA

Nettles, wild garlic scapes, thistle, violets. I swear to god if I get worms from walking barefoot – I’m going to just die.

May 17th 2018

Rest.  Bath night.

May 15th 2018

  • Activity: Hiking medium-fast*
  • Objective: Getting Ready
  • Totals:  1 hour 17 minutes, 195 m, 7.31 km
  • Water: 2.5 liters, plain

Moist, humid.  Saw a baby snapping turtle, honeysuckle in full bloom – absolutely delightful.  Sort of bonked near the end.  Need to eat more than two handfuls of Goldfish.

*Supposed to be faster but shoe laces and trail conditions were prohibitive to the effort. Very muddy and slick.

May 14th 2018

  • Activity: Climbing & Hangboard
  • Objective: Climb without tape on formally? injured finger
  • Totals:  1 hour 20 minutes

Pretty busy in the gym.  The new routes were ungraded and it made me miss Climb Tacoma so much.  Climbed in front of strangers and thankfully, no one beta blasted me while climbing – has this community changed?

Hangboard at home. 10 seconds on-3 minutes off-open handed x6

Note: Did Movement Assessment. Conclusion?  Hip imbalance

May 12th 2018

  • Activity: Hiking medium pace
  • Objective: Getting Ready
  • Totals:  1 hour 5 minutes, 155 m, 5.42 km

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Setting 101: Deadpoint

Deadpoint:  A controlled dynamic motion in which the hold is grabbed with one hand at the apex of upward motion of the body, while one or both feet and the other hand maintain contact with the rock.          – From Wikipedia, Glossary of Climbing Terms  I love a good deadpoint.  It is not only one of the easiest moves to set but also, one … Continue reading Setting 101: Deadpoint

Round 2: Training for Rock Climbing

I struggled with the clip of the auto belay for ten minutes.  This was after I had to take my harness off twice because I had managed to a) put it on upside down and b) twisted the leg loops so they were not only upside down but also backwards. My harness, the one I had gotten for Christmas in 2006, was on the list … Continue reading Round 2: Training for Rock Climbing

So you wanna play a Couch Co-Op?

I’ve been fortunate that my partner enjoys playing video games with me.  I’m a rough beginner.  When I first began I could not grasp the notion of moving the camera in sync with movement. In that, where your camera points, you go.  To this day I still struggle with managing this but with enough practice, I will soon be able to not only run but … Continue reading So you wanna play a Couch Co-Op?

Climbers: How to Diagnose your own Finger Injuries

All I did was reach, as slowly as I could, to a not so great hold.  As I grabbed it, I felt a crunch in my right middle finger.  I moved my feet and then decided to let go.  My finger felt OK but I knew something wasn’t right.  I decided to try out a less steep climb and it seemed as though I had … Continue reading Climbers: How to Diagnose your own Finger Injuries

Video games for Beginners

I sat in the movie theater and could hear everyone’s eyes roll.  It was after one of those stupid one liners that really wanted to be taken very seriously. Looking back, I cannot recall the name of the movie but I do recall the distinct feeling that I’ve been taken for a fool. I was done with Hollywood. I wanted more from my entertainment.  I … Continue reading Video games for Beginners

Purple Holds, Favorite Holds

I am a creep about gym routes.  I’m one of those people that can recognize the style of a setter and probably know what they ate for breakfast.  Occasionally, it has led me to only climb routes that a particular setter has produced.  However, there is one thing that has gotten me to climb routes set by other people or routes that were not so … Continue reading Purple Holds, Favorite Holds

Adios Food Desert

#lasvegas where the water tastes funny 🙊 A post shared by freerangedanger (@freerangedanger) on Jan 6, 2017 at 5:18pm PST   Las Vegas or possibly translated as ‘The Meadows’ in Spanish, has long been known as a reprieve from the arid and seemingly desolate Mojave Desert.  Now, a bustling resort town and more importantly a winter climbing spot, Las Vegas is a highly desirable vacation destination … Continue reading Adios Food Desert