Adios Food Desert

View this post on Instagram #lasvegas where the water tastes funny ūüôä A post shared by freerangedanger (@freerangedanger) on Jan 6, 2017 at 5:18pm PST   Las Vegas or possibly translated as ‘The Meadows’ in Spanish, has long been known as a reprieve from the arid and seemingly desolate¬†Mojave Desert. ¬†Now, a bustling resort town and more importantly a winter climbing spot, Las Vegas is … Continue reading Adios Food Desert

Sexy times of Alligator mississippiensi

Two Hundred Million Years The first crocodilian was kind of lame. Spending lots of time on land, eating insects and hiding from larger predators. It wasn’t until about 144 million years ago that the alligator decided to stick to the water and become the armored death muscle you see today. Now there are¬†23 species of crocodilians which make up three major families: Crocodylidae, Gavialida, and … Continue reading Sexy times of Alligator mississippiensi

A Comestible Life

We eat. Every single human on the planet eats, or wants to eat. ¬†With that, eating is often one of the¬†few forms of true cultural exchange many of us will ever experience. ¬†It is far easier (and cheaper) to pick up an order of Thai food than it is to move to Thailand. ¬†Granted, many foods that have been successfully appropriated to the American palate … Continue reading A Comestible Life

The Beloved Taco

Prayer of the Taco Holiest of most holy taco, you are the alpha and omega of the universe. Only through your taste can you bestow your holy blessing upon my wretched sole. For you are the most delicious of all foods and no other food shall come before you. ¬†Taco bless you forever in best food ever heaven. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. The best food, … Continue reading The Beloved Taco

Holiday Cocktails and other Stories

If you have checked out my Podcasts page then you know that I’m a big fan of Gastropod, hosted by¬†Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley. ¬†One of my favorite episodes, The Cocktail Hour, goes into the history and science behind the cocktail or mixology –¬†“the first legitimate American culinary art”. The art of mixology may be the first American endeavor into the world of culinary delights … Continue reading Holiday Cocktails and other Stories

A Thanksgiving Alone

Whether by choice or not, spending the holidays, in particular Thanksgiving, alone is not an uncommon for many Americans. Be it work, a personal tragedy, finances, limited social contacts, or maybe you just can’t stand your uncle’s ill behaved dog- spending Thanksgiving alone can be due to many reasons. While the topic of spending the holidays alone is often avoided and the idea itself is … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Alone