So you wanna play a Couch Co-Op?

I’ve been fortunate that my partner enjoys playing video games with me.  I’m a rough beginner.  When I first began I could not grasp the notion of moving the camera in sync with movement. In that, where your camera points, you go.  To this day I still struggle with managing this but with enough practice, I will soon be able to not only run but … Continue reading So you wanna play a Couch Co-Op?

Video games for Beginners

I sat in the movie theater and could hear everyone’s eyes roll.  It was after one of those stupid one liners that really wanted to be taken very seriously. Looking back, I cannot recall the name of the movie but I do recall the distinct feeling that I’ve been taken for a fool. I was done with Hollywood. I wanted more from my entertainment.  I … Continue reading Video games for Beginners

Running to Improve Climbing Performance

The only thing more splendid than climbing is knowing climbing made you better at more than just climbing. – Free Range Danger Using some Sense There is a debate among top trainers and coaches in the climbing industry whether running is a necessary aspect of climbing training.  Some argue that running depletes an athlete thus diminishing their climbing performance.  Others claim that running fitness harms your body’s … Continue reading Running to Improve Climbing Performance

A Comestible Life

We eat. Every single human on the planet eats, or wants to eat.  With that, eating is often one of the few forms of true cultural exchange many of us will ever experience.  It is far easier (and cheaper) to pick up an order of Thai food than it is to move to Thailand.  Granted, many foods that have been successfully appropriated to the American palate … Continue reading A Comestible Life

Holiday Cocktails and other Stories

If you have checked out my Podcasts page then you know that I’m a big fan of Gastropod, hosted by Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley.  One of my favorite episodes, The Cocktail Hour, goes into the history and science behind the cocktail or mixology – “the first legitimate American culinary art”. The art of mixology may be the first American endeavor into the world of culinary delights … Continue reading Holiday Cocktails and other Stories

The Most Thought Provoking Time of the Year

It is time!  For the yarn, for the tinsel, for the wrappers, and…? In more recent history, Christmas was not an official holiday in the United States until June 26, 1870. It is here! And it is the most disturbing time of the year – The Holiday. The origins of The Holiday, Christmas, are muddied by conspiracy and perhaps, some blood letting. In more recent … Continue reading The Most Thought Provoking Time of the Year

A Thanksgiving Alone

Whether by choice or not, spending the holidays, in particular Thanksgiving, alone is not an uncommon for many Americans. Be it work, a personal tragedy, finances, limited social contacts, or maybe you just can’t stand your uncle’s ill behaved dog- spending Thanksgiving alone can be due to many reasons. While the topic of spending the holidays alone is often avoided and the idea itself is … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Alone

Doggie Etiquette. Pinkies Out

While the exact time period for the domestication of today’s dog is still under contention in the scientific community, there is one thing that is indisputable: Dogs are a Man’s Best Friend. Around 30,000 to 15,000 years ago this intelligent, loyal and spirited animal came to the aid of humanity to work towards a common goal – to survive among nature’s triumphant.  Since the beginning … Continue reading Doggie Etiquette. Pinkies Out

E=mc Where?

I find myself craving the guidance that was so easily garnered from the invisible hand of karma.  I continually ask myself the question, “How do I navigate in a world without karma?”  Well, much the same way as I always have…except a little bit less forgiving.  I suppose what most people fear is – a general lack of guidance.  The idea that a person or a situation … Continue reading E=mc Where?