Round 1: Training for Climbing?

  Everyone gathers around the newly set wall. Laughing and chatting among themselves.  Oh the joy that could be had if one were to actually finish the new orange route. I want to climb the orange route… Instead, I’m mouth breathing and attempting to steady my mind from recoiling as my climbing ability slowly degrades before my eyes. Climbing, for the last 20 minutes, has … Continue reading Round 1: Training for Climbing?

Running to Improve Climbing Performance

The only thing more splendid than climbing is knowing climbing made you better at more than just climbing. – Free Range Danger Using some Sense There is a debate among top trainers and coaches in the climbing industry whether running is a necessary aspect of climbing training.  Some argue that running depletes an athlete thus diminishing their climbing performance.  Others claim that running fitness harms your body’s … Continue reading Running to Improve Climbing Performance

The Art of Alone

Suddenly, Sethi writes, dining out alone felt like a courageous act… – Simran Seith, from Why Eating Out Alone Doesn’t Have to be so Lonely Being alone is a gift.  It is a privilege.  It is… hard.  But rather than shy away from this challenge, embrace its inevitability.  We will be alone at some point in our lives if we are not already.  There is … Continue reading The Art of Alone

A Comestible Life

We eat. Every single human on the planet eats, or wants to eat.  With that, eating is often one of the few forms of true cultural exchange many of us will ever experience.  It is far easier (and cheaper) to pick up an order of Thai food than it is to move to Thailand.  Granted, many foods that have been successfully appropriated to the American palate … Continue reading A Comestible Life

The Resolution – A How To Do

We all have goals for the New Year and it is tradition that as we enter it we make a pact with ourselves to do or accomplish that which eluded us in the previous year. All too often though, we find that our Resolutions take a back seat to the day to day as the year begins to grind down our will to persevere. The … Continue reading The Resolution – A How To Do

The Splendid Ritual of Bathing

When it comes to bathing, North Americans are woefully behind the rest of the rub a dub dub world.  But according to a 2012 article in Scientific America, the United States has one of the largest water footprints in the world – consuming an incredible 2500-3000 cubic meters/yr/cap! While the United States’s water consumption should be no surprise, the absolutely devastating part of US water … Continue reading The Splendid Ritual of Bathing

Summer of some Content

The canopy was oppressive.  Very little air circulated around the eight year old clear cut, 30 feet from the riparian area.  I pulled the meter tape through the piercing brambles, waded through the thick under story and the flimsy saplings that sagged just overhead.  I could hear Patsy beside me, only a few meters away, trudging through very similar vegetation except she did not struggle as … Continue reading Summer of some Content