Crushing the Bachelor (kind of) Life

The rain pours off the top of the sandstone cliffs creating a waterfall which nearly blocks our view of the cove.  Thunder rumbles.  He looks around and back up at me and says with a slight accent, “I’m sure it is going to pass.”  I know that it is going to take at least another hour so I mention that we should hike a little … Continue reading Crushing the Bachelor (kind of) Life

Setting 101: Deadpoint

Deadpoint:  A controlled dynamic motion in which the hold is grabbed with one hand at the apex of upward motion of the body, while one or both feet and the other hand maintain contact with the rock.          – From Wikipedia, Glossary of Climbing Terms  I love a good deadpoint.  It is not only one of the easiest moves to set but also, one … Continue reading Setting 101: Deadpoint

Climbers: How to Diagnose your own Finger Injuries

All I did was reach, as slowly as I could, to a not so great hold.  As I grabbed it, I felt a crunch in my right middle finger.  I moved my feet and then decided to let go.  My finger felt OK but I knew something wasn’t right.  I decided to try out a less steep climb and it seemed as though I had … Continue reading Climbers: How to Diagnose your own Finger Injuries

Sexy times of Alligator mississippiensi

Two Hundred Million Years The first crocodilian was kind of lame. Spending lots of time on land, eating insects and hiding from larger predators. It wasn’t until about 144 million years ago that the alligator decided to stick to the water and become the armored death muscle you see today. Now there are 23 species of crocodilians which make up three major families: Crocodylidae, Gavialida, and … Continue reading Sexy times of Alligator mississippiensi

Foot Health for Bouldering

Your feet are a corner stone. They literally connect you to the ground and allow you to experience the grand privilege of walking upright.  The hallmark of our species. You will spend the rest of your life using your feet. Be it walking, running, jumping, dancing, strolling, and if you boulder, falling.  Any imbalance in the musculature in you feet will cause you problems in … Continue reading Foot Health for Bouldering

The Resolution – A How To Do

We all have goals for the New Year and it is tradition that as we enter it we make a pact with ourselves to do or accomplish that which eluded us in the previous year. All too often though, we find that our Resolutions take a back seat to the day to day as the year begins to grind down our will to persevere. The … Continue reading The Resolution – A How To Do

Let’s catch up this weekend…

Hello everyone! It has been such a busy week that I have been unable to write my next post.  In the interim, check out this video from my all time favorite documentary series, Human Planet.  If you haven’t watched it yet, please do! Watch Sam Niang, a Laotian fisherman fish in one of the most dangerous places I have ever seen. Sorry Jeremy Wade, while you … Continue reading Let’s catch up this weekend…