July 2018

I’m BACK baby! July 28th: Bath night and planning for upcoming rope climbing sessions. July 27th: Activity: Walk Objective: Check out all the new summer plants Totals: 45 minutes Water: NA Bugs. Bugs. Plants & Bugs. July 26th: Recovery and chiropractor. July 25th: Went to new massage therapist. This one might work out. July 24th: Activity: Climbing Objective: Try out new problems Totals: 2 hours … Continue reading July 2018

June 2018

June 30th: Activity: Walk Objective: Take a walk without the walking stick Totals: 45 minutes Water: NA If I go to a public garden then I can stand around and look at plants without looking as though I’m injured.  NO ONE shall know of my weakness! Victory! June 29th: Activity: Chiropractor Objective: Convey your gratitude for having a good chiropractor without creeping them out Totals: … Continue reading June 2018