Hallowe’en – Churches Made of Bones

It has been awhile – my faithful readers. I apologize for my long absence. To make up for it- please see the following post and keep in mind the phrase “I have a bone to pick with you.” Fascinating! While reading one of my favorite news sources, the BBC, and I stumbled on this article: The Church of 40,000 Corpses The article describes the history of … Continue reading Hallowe’en – Churches Made of Bones

Summer of some Content

The canopy was oppressive.  Very little air circulated around the eight year old clear cut, 30 feet from the riparian area.  I pulled the meter tape through the piercing brambles, waded through the thick under story and the flimsy saplings that sagged just overhead.  I could hear Patsy beside me, only a few meters away, trudging through very similar vegetation except she did not struggle as … Continue reading Summer of some Content