Three years ago I had a personal discovery, the Podcast.  I find it to be a brilliant form of media in which creators, artists, producers, can reach millions of people without the typical old hat of corporate media.  Don’t get me wrong, some of the podcasts I listen to are supported by banks or stamps.com, but not in such a way that they dictate their content.  The people who make these shows are, well, simply incredible.

Check out the list below for a few of the Podcasts I listen to frequently:

RISK – True Tales, Boldly Told

This podcast reconnected me with humanity.  The host of the show Kevin Allison, is a genuine human being who is nothing but honest and forthcoming about his experiences. I emailed him once, and not only did he email me back, but he was so personable and sweet.  I just wish I could give the big ol’ bear a hug and a home cooked meal.

The content of the podcast is not just focused on Kevin though.  He has storytellers from all over the world, sharing some of their most intimate, frightful, disturbing, happiest, saddest, and everything in between moments.  One story in particular, about a young girl who was being molested by her step father and how she saved his life despite his abuse, had me hooked.

Welcome to Nightvale

This was my first podcast and I was smitten by episode number 3.  The cast, writers, composers, and producers are so consistent in the quality and cohesion of the show, that I find myself asking, “Could I survive in a town such as Nightvale?”  The answer is most assuredly, NO!

Who would want to get eaten by a librarian? Not me, that is for sure! But Cecil Baldwin’s voice is like floating on cloud of cashmere kittens.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

This podcast is not for the easily distracted.  The three to four hour long episodes can certainly make your head spin But, they are well worth it if you care to be transported back to the rise of the great and powerful Khans or if you need a little insight into how we came to the conclusion that dropping two nuclear weapons on Japan was a viable option. My favorite episode so far is called, Prophets of Doom but the Blue Print for Armageddon will certainly make your cute little notions of World War I disappear.

This American Life

Mainstream, I know, but let me tell you- NPR does a great job of keeping things honest.  One episode I recommend above all others is called, “The Problem We All Live With” Parts I & II.  (It made me cry in the shower.)  This podcast certainly makes me feel like I’m gaining awareness of real time issues.


Need I say more? Except – How in the FUCK did Jay know where Hae’s car was?!! WTF.


This podcast shares with its audience the science and history of food! The hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley have such lovely voices and a delightful banter with one another.  This of course only sweetens the show as it is jam packed with fascinating topics, facts, mouth watering descriptions, and expert interviews.  I would give absolutely anything to spend a lovely sunny Sunday brunching with these gals.

I recommend the Cocktails episode – it made me appreciate bourbon for the first time – ever.

We’re Alive: A ‘Zombie’ Story of Survival

This podcast veers away- far away- from my normal podcast genre.  As an audio drama, it transports you to a confusing and terrifying world of flesh eaters, bandits, and hardship.  In other words, it is perfect nightmare fodder.

I use this podcast as an exercise incentive. Nothing will motivate you to exercise more than knowing you will get to listen to the next part or chapter of how Michael, Angle, Saul, and the other survivors deal with living in a world where zombies are not necessarily the most dangerous things out there.

The audio design is superb, so don’t be surprised if the act of someone passing you on the running trail scares the shit out of you.

Wolf 359

My love for audio drama has only grown since We’re Alive. Wolf 359 has everything you love about Space Odyssey: 2001 and Aliens.  Yet it maintains the humor necessary to keep you from biting off all your fingernails. Or at least in the beginning.

You just gotta love mad scientists, evil corporate entities, and alien transmissions.   XO.


What could I possibly say about the best climbing podcast in podcast land that has not already been said?  Oh, you know, just the fact that the host, Neely Quinn, runs, produces, and publishes the best climbing podcast in podcast land all by herself!  Yes!

The best part about Neely is her interviewing style. She asks questions and let’s the people she is interviewing do the talking.  She doesn’t use her podcast to pat herself on the back and she always manages to bring the normal climber’s experience back into the conversation.

Thanks for all your work Neely!

The Leviathan Chronicles: An Audio Adventure 

If you are looking for an audio drama that has incredible sound design, voice acting and a plot so compelling that fans, like myself, have checked the podcast’s website and Facebook site compulsively for two years – then look no further.

The Leviathan Chronicles is in a league of its own and while the author, Christof Laputka, had to take a hiatus from the show (for personal reasons), it is a wait well worth the wait.  Christof has new episodes in the works and in the meantime there is plenty of content to get you started.

Be prepared to enter a world of incredible tech, spies, aliens and betrayal.

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